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It should be a day for celebration. After a year of heartache and suffering, the missing Annaliese Rose Gordon has been united with her parents, who never gave up hope. Annaliese knows what she has been told, these are her parents, this is her home, her school . . . but she can’t remember anything. Who is she? Where was she all year? Why was the last anyone saw of her at a party, covered in blood? Annaliese has been told it’s natural to feel like an outsider, an intruder – like she is not the real Annaliese.

Little does anyone know that she is right. She is not the real Annaliese, and slowly memories come back to her about what she is. A bloody razor blade. A promise of love. A list of girls who have disappeared. And another, like her, who will stop at nothing to get her back. No matter what the cost, or blood on his hands.

Another Little Piece is not for the faint hearted. It is a horrific book – in the best way possible. Blood and gore are used throughout in great detail, with descriptions of hearts being cut out and wrists casually slit open that will leave you cringing in sympathy. Be warned, this is not a book for those who are squeamish. The pace of the horror, and the slow reveal of Annaliese memories build a lot of tension, that makes it near impossible to put this book down. The questions leads to answers that only leads to more questions, and there are a few that are left unresolved by the end. This can cause a lot of problems for reads, as I myself really wanted to know just what exactly was going on, however the journey is so captivating that this issue can be over looked.Annaliese was a very relatable character. In the beginning, before the paranormal aspect of this novel was revealed, she is a realistic teenage girl going struggling to adjust to a life she can’t remember. Both she, and her parents, who have regained but still lost their child, are very sympathetic characters. The villainous character Franky is another very creepy part of Another Little Piece, and his ‘love’ of Annaliese shows the dangerous obsessive side of this emotion. It’s refreshing to see this type of relationship correctly labelled as ’disturbing’, as apposed to ‘romantic’ which is still used in too many YA paranormal novels.

If gore and not getting all the answers doesn’t put you off, Another Little Piece is highly recommended as a very entertaining horror book.

4 stars