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Muse - Rebecca Lim This is kind of a tough book to review. While I have enjoyed all three of the Mercy novels so far, I think I'm starting to find the way Mercy can pretend to be the person who's body she's stuck with and have no real problems a bit too convenient. I mean, seriously, if you're stuck in the body of a super model famed for being a complete bitch, maybe you should start acting like a bitch. Her personal assistant even says 'you've changed resently' but then drops it because she's acting nice for a change. Now, considering this model flips out at the smallest thing & is not against slapping people whenever she feels like it, to have her suddenly become kind & interested in the people she's spent her whole career treating like dirt with not one person questioning it is a bit of a stretch. & the scene where Mercy tells her PA what she really is? Again, accepted too easily. The whole modelling plot was just dull to me. I've never been interested in fashion, & didn't particually like reading about a the pains of walking in heels, or the bitchiness of the other models. Isn't it time we lay this stereotype to rest? I'm sure there are plenty of models who aren't cut throat bitches desperately trying to beat the other women & who aren't above nearly starting cat fights back stage of a live show. While I enjoyed getting some real answers, I can't say I was shocked by the revelations in this book. I had the identity of Luc figured out from book one. Luc, Lucifer. The name is so painful obvious. & why else would an angel fall from grace unless they were tempted to begin with? I can't see angels being forbidden to be with other angels, & Luc clearly wasn't mortal, so what elses could he have been? I will be reading the next book (mainly because I brought it for £2 at a second-hand bookstore), & I just hope the final is more original than this one.