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Pandemonium  - Lauren Oliver Lauren Oliver's middle name must be 'predictable', because Jesus Christ could the plot be anymore obvious? My first thought when starting this was "please don't let there be a love triangle". Ten points if you can guess what happened.Seriously? Love triangles are the biggest cop-out for trilogies that start with only one love interest. It's just plain lazy, & it pisses me off to no end. Besides, Lena supposed to be grieving for the boy she practically watched die (or so we're lead to think at the end of the last book) & never really discovered what actually happened to him. So I highly doubt she'd be over him in just half a year. The rest of the plot was fairly easy to guess after she & Julian get kidnapped. The only thing I was wrong about was the identity of the woman who saved Lena from the police. I thought it would be Hana, not her mother. However, I wish it had been Hana, as I'd like to know what happened to her.Despite all this I didn't hate this book. I just can't say I liked it. I found the 'then' chapters a lot more interesting than the current events, as I found it very interesting to see how people lived in the Wilds. I also enjoyed the use of imagery & descriptions, & think this was the strongest part of the whole book. The scene describing the ruin of a town in the Wilds that had been overgrown was just beautiful. I dare say that this is what saved the book.Will I be reading the next book? I've yet to decide.